Hey, y'all! I'm Wheeler.

Glad you're here! I began sharing my words on the internet many years ago, but about three years ago I began trying to develop a more consistent presence. It's been quite a process, but I am committed to being here and continuing to freely share what I've been given.


I am a Kansas City native currently calling San Diego home. I'm not very good at describing myself, so check out the description of a 6w7 on the Enneagram and that'll sum me up pretty darn well ("The Buddy" could not be a more accurate descriptor). I believe firmly in the power of good espresso, mountain air, and hand-written notes. When I'm not working at my "day job" as a case manager for a victim services organization or writing copy at my favorite coffee shop, you can find me rooting unashamedly for the Kansas City Royals, running on Sunset Cliffs, or hiking and camping with my people.

I believe that stories are really, really important, and that's why I tell pieces of mine here. I think words are important too. They're slowly losing their magic and I don't want to see that happen. I am committed to using my gift for piecing words together to positively impact the world through multiple avenues. 


Wheeler Crimm is a freelance writer by night and a case manager by day. She has her B.S. in Family Studies and Human Services with a minor in Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. She has a heart for people and a knack for words. 


Wheeler has two years of experience writing professionally as a content writer/ghostwriter for a highly successful social media influencer, writing curated fashion and marketing content for collaborations with brands like eBay, Nordstrom, Prada, and Amazon. She has enjoyed writing as a personal hobby since she won a writing contest in the sixth grade. She is Kansas City native who currently calls San Diego home.


Please view my complete writing portfolio here.